CV Support and Advice

What is a CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

A CV is a brief record of your life including education, work history, personal achievements and interests. A well-written, well-presented CV will help you to sell yourself to the employer. It tells them who and what you offer and what you have done and can do for them.

It's a living document that will develop as you add new achievements and you should adapt it to show your skills and strengths for each job application. You must check your CV each time you use it, make sure it's as relevant as possible to the job you are applying for. Make sure it highlights all the skills and strengths that you have that suit the position being applied for. But you should never lie on a CV it may come back to bite you one day if you do.

How do I write a CV?

Before you start decide how you want it to look, then gather all the relevant information about you, your work history, education, qualifications and your skills don't forget dates. You must then read the job advert and description to identify the skills and experience being sought by the employer. Make sure you show all your qualifications,skills and strengths that meet the requirements of the position being offered. Once you have completed it you can:

  • Use it to help fill in application forms.
  • Send a copy with a job application.
  • Use it to help prepare for interviews.
  • Send a copy with a speculative letter.
  • Upload it on to job sites.

There's an example CV in the download area on the Job Search Page of this site to help you. The major job sites like Indeed, Reed, Monster and TotalJobs all offer support with CV writting, visit these sites for details.

Top Tips

  • Keep a CV to one or two A4 pages if possible.
  • Mention all relevant qualification and skills.
  • Match your experience to the position offered.
  • Use short paragraphs and bullet points.
  • Highlight heading with capitals and bold type.
  • Check spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Get someone to look at it and check it.
  • Include your address and contact number.
  • Use a PC to create it and keep a copy.
  • Ask referees before using their details.

Volunteer With

Link to Forge Community Partnership website.

Base in the Hoyland Common Community Centre the Forge brings together people involved in a wide range of local community groups who want to work together to achieve more than they can do separately.

Blue line seperator. Link to Tidy Team local enviro commissioned service.

The Tidy Team are highly praised for their work in the loacl community an are always looking to offer volunteering opportunities that will look good on any CV.

Blue line seperator. Link to local Ward Alliance for Hoyland Milton and Rockingham.

Based in the Hoyland Centre their role is to support residents, community groups and Councillors to work together to improve communities and the quality of life for people who live here.