Post Interview Actions

What should I do after the interview?

If you're successful, the company will let you know and give you a starting date along with any other relevant information you’ll need. They may tell you at the end of the interview or more than likely you will be contacted within a few days.

Starting work

Congratulations you've got the job, but that's just the beginning... Before you start if you have not been told already you should contact the employer and find out where to go, what time you need to be there and to whom you should report. Check out your journey details try to do a dry run to ensure you know how to get there and how long it takes.

On the day...

  • Make sure you get there on time.
  • Wear the right clothes for the job.
  • Know where and who to report to.
  • Have your National Insurance number, P45 - tax code details (if you have them).
  • Your bank account details (for wages).

You will have a lot of information to deal with in the first few days - so listen and take notes if needed. Be prepared to be told what to do and don’t be afraid to ask questions and to clarify things.

Pay and wages

Pay day can be weekly, every two weeks or monthly and is usually paid directly into your bank account. You should receive a payslip when you are paid to tell how much and when it is paid. It will also show any deductions for tax, national insurance and any others you pay.

I was unsuccessful - is there anything I can do?

First and foremost don't despair - it's possible to do everything right and feel very confident about the outcome and still be un-uccessful. There may have been a lot of other candidates for the same position or perhaps you just missed something - who knows?

The interview panel of course and most are happy to offer feedback from the interview. It's important to contact them if they don't contact you. Ask if they could give you feedback on your interview. Was there anything they disliked or liked was there anything you could have done better or where did they feel you let yourself down?

Use this information to improve your interview skills.

If you are a young person or someone that's a little nervous about doing this, ask a Personal Adviser or family member to contact the employer on your behalf. It's important to look back at interviews and reflect on what you did and said - could you have done things better or differently? Above all be positive the more interviews you attend, the better you'll get and success will arrive.

Volunteer With

Link to Forge Community Partnership website.

Base in the Hoyland Common Community Centre the Forge brings together people involved in a wide range of local community groups who want to work together to achieve more than they can do separately.

Blue line seperator. Link to Tidy Team local enviro commissioned service.

The Tidy Team are highly praised for their work in the loacl community an are always looking to offer volunteering opportunities that will look good on any CV.

Blue line seperator. Link to local Ward Alliance for Hoyland Milton and Rockingham.

Based in the Hoyland Centre their role is to support residents, community groups and Councillors to work together to improve communities and the quality of life for people who live here.

Blue line seperator. Image showing a CV undr a magnifing glass. Blue line seperator.